Custom Restaurant Gift Cards from TouchBistro

Drive immediate cash flow and repeat business with physical and digital gift cards for your restaurant.

Drive Gift Card Sales with Online Purchasing

Online gift certificates for your restaurant make it easy for guests to buy and send gift cards to friends and family from anywhere, at any time.

Restaurant guest looking at a phone. Overlayed on top is a screenshot of a $25 gift card QR code.

Give the Gift of Convenience with Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards make it simple for diners to access and redeem gift cards from their smartphones.

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Create a Seamless Guest Experience with Online Ordering Integration

Customers can instantly pay for online orders using digital gift cards or purchase gift cards from your online ordering page with the direct integration between TouchBistro Online Ordering, Digital Gift Cards, and the POS.

Show Off Your Brand with Customization Options

Personalize physical gift cards with your restaurant’s logo for a consistent and memorable brand experience.

More Gift Card Features for Restaurants

Increase Your Reach with Multi-Location Support

Does your restaurant have multiple locations? Give diners the freedom to use gift cards to pay for meals at their most convenient locations.

Streamline Operations with POS Integration

TouchBistro Gift Cards integrate with our POS, unlocking powerful reporting and end-of-year reconciliation support.

Amplify Marketing Efforts with Gift Cards

Make gift cards a key part of your business’s marketing efforts by customizing them with designs for special occasions, like birthdays and holidays.

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Guests can purchase gift cards at your restaurant (processed through your TouchBistro POS) or from their own device through your very own Customer Web App. Note: You will need TouchBistro Card-Not-Present payments if you plan to sell digital gift cards through your Customer Web App.

Your personalized Customer Web App is where guests can purchase and send gift cards for your restaurant online.

No. Guests can purchase digital gift cards through the Customer Web App without creating an account.

Yes. You can sell digital gift cards by adding a button to your website that links directly to your Customer Web App.

Once your venue is up and running with TouchBistro Card-Not-Present payments, you can begin selling digital gift cards in 1 to 2 days.

You will receive physical cards 3 to 5 business days for quick cards, and up to 12 days for custom cards.

Yes. All refunds will go back to the original card or can be provided in cash/an alternate payment method. 

Tips from the Pros for the Pros

Discover expert insights and strategies for gift card marketing, loyalty programs, and upselling best practices on the TouchBistro Blog.

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See TouchBistro’s POS-Integrated Gift Cards in Action

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