TouchBistro’s Quick Service Restaurant POS System

Deliver quality at the speed guests expect with an all-in-one quick service restaurant POS system. Complete with all the front of house, back of house, and guest engagement solutions you need, our QSR POS system helps you minimize wait times, fulfill orders quickly, and improve profit margins.

Increase Sales

  • Grow your average check size with pop-up upselling prompts.

  • Drive repeat business with a restaurant loyalty program that rewards customers whether they order in venue or online.

  • Reach more customers by accepting takeout and delivery orders online and keep 100% of the profits*.

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Deliver a Great Guest Experience

  • Move queues quickly with a line-busting, handheld QSR POS system and integrated payments solution.

  • Improve accuracy and avoid expensive mistakes by letting diners confirm orders before they get sent to the kitchen.

  • Track preferences with a robust restaurant CRM and delight customers by suggesting their “usual.”

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Save Time and Money

  • Run your restaurant on your schedule with real-time reports you can access anywhere, anytime.

  • Keep food costs low in your high-volume restaurant with inventory management tools that integrate directly with your quick service restaurant POS.

  • Increase efficiency – without driving up labor costs – by enabling customers to place their own orders.

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Running more than one location?

Manage them all in one place with TouchBistro’s multi-unit solution.

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POS Features

The core of our restaurant management system and the engine of your operation, our all-in-one QSR POS system is equipped with all the features you need to minimize wait times, maximize margins, and deliver a friction-free customer experience.

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Reporting & Analytics

Make informed business decisions faster with more than 50 reports that provide deep insights into sales trends, staff performance, and much more.

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Menu Management

Upsell with ease, manage on- and off-premise menus, and easily build and update menus from anywhere.

Offline Mode

Even if you lose internet connectivity, TouchBistro’s offline mode allows you to continue taking/closing orders, sending orders to the KDS, and taking offline payments.

What Customers Have to Say About TouchBistro’s POS for Quick Service Restaurant Management

TouchBistro offers all of the features we need and is incredibly easy to use! The POS system has helped speed up service and has significantly cut down the amount of manual work we have to put into our day-to-day. Best of all, TouchBistro actually saved us money by making our business more efficient.

Mary Raddis

Sweet Capone’s

Since getting TouchBistro, our customers have been so impressed with the improvement and many have commented on the increased speed and accuracy of our orders. On top of that, I love how easy it is for my restaurant staff! They can pick it up within 30 minutes. And let’s not forget the reports – to be able to track every item we sell and incorporate food costs is such an amazing thing. As a business owner, I have learned through the years how important your numbers are, and TouchBistro makes them easy to understand and even easier to track.

Christina Grono

The Art We Are Cafe

TouchBistro is the best app I could imagine. The integration with the merchant terminal speeds up everything. Its ease of use in building and accepting payment for an order is unparalleled.

Graham Braun

Monigram Coffee Roasters

Just try TouchBistro before you waste your time POS shopping. These guys are the best!

Jacek Hejmej

Pierogi House

"TouchBistro is straightforward and easy to use. The layout is seamless and intuitive – it takes very little time to train staff on how to use it. I like being able to customize the reports I get mid-shift and at the end of the night. I can include all the information I find necessary and leave off the reports that aren't necessarily relevant to me. Overall, TouchBistro is easy to use, affordable, and has a great reputation."

Yosi Cohen

Lula Bird

Training and accurate order entry were my biggest problems. With TouchBistro, orders go straight to the kitchen and are made quickly and easily. The kitchen staff are no longer trying to read hand-written tickets or asking questions about how to make the orders. It's a great POS system that staff can learn quickly, which makes training simple and intuitive. TouchBistro's customer service is unmatched – they will work with you on setting up the system and help you get going right away!

David A. Lustig

Brooklyn Pizza

Grow Your Business with a Quick Service Restaurant POS System That Does More

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Relevant Products for a Quick Service Restaurant

All of our products work seamlessly with our quick service POS. With our advanced all-in-one system, you can choose the specific technology you need to run your restaurant – whether it’s an online ordering system, integrated payments, a loyalty solution, or all of the above.

Power your QSR with a POS system that helps you increase average check sizes, move lines, and streamline operations with upselling prompts, quick-register buttons, and more.

Reach more customers with an online ordering system that makes it easy for diners to order takeout or delivery from your restaurant’s website, social media platforms, and the TouchBistro Dine discovery platform. With no commission fees, you’ll keep 100% of the profits* you make.

Move at lightning speed by accepting payments of all types in your restaurant, even if your Internet goes down. Customers will love being able to use all types of payments: cash, dip, tap, or swipe. You’ll love being able to predict costs with transparent pricing.

Combat increased competition and high customer acquisition costs with a rewards program that keeps guests coming back again and again. With our Online Ordering and Loyalty integration customers can collect points whether they order online or in venue.

*Payment processing and delivery fees may apply.

Free Resources for Quick Service Restaurants

From tips for optimizing your QSR’s delivery efforts to promotion ideas that will lure diners in, you’ll find all that and even more resources for quick service restaurants on the TouchBistro blog.

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