TouchBistro POS Performance Data: 2023 Insights Report

Find out what POS performance you can expect when you use TouchBistro at your restaurant.

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What You’ll Find in Our 2023 Insights Report:

  • Stats on the ROI of using TouchBistro’s guest engagement solutions
  • The impact of using TouchBistro at FSRs and QSRs
  • The performance of multi-unit restaurants using TouchBistro

Find out what POS performance you can expect when you use TouchBistro at your restaurant.

When it comes to restaurant POS systems, there are lots of benefits of using an industry-leading solution in your business. Advanced POS technology can help you streamline operations, improve staff communication, and deliver a better customer experience. But as a restaurant operator, perhaps the most important benefit of cutting-edge POS performance is the impact that it has on your bottom line.

With this in mind, we set out to better understand the financial impact of using TouchBistro by examining the POS data of real restaurants on the TouchBistro platform. The restaurant POS data we used was compiled based on aggregated sales data and all growth rates are calculated on a same-store sales basis for the applicable period of time. 

TouchBistro’s POS Performance Data

By analyzing the data of real restaurants using TouchBistro’s POS and guest engagement solutions, we’re able to provide accurate performance benchmarks so you have more insights into what to expect when you use TouchBistro. Keep reading for a sneak peek at our results. And for the full breakdown of TouchBistro’s POS performance data, download the full 2023 Insights Report.

The Impact of Using TouchBistro Online Ordering

TouchBistro Online Ordering is a commission-free online ordering solution that enables you to accept pickup and delivery orders directly through your restaurant’s website. The easiest way to offer takeout and delivery, TouchBistro Online Ordering lets diners skip the third-party apps and order directly through your restaurant’s website, Google My Business profile, and social media channels.

In addition to saving on the high-commission fees charged by third-party food delivery apps, our analysis also found that TouchBistro Online Ordering can help restaurants boost the number of average transactions processed each month. In fact, in just the first three months of using TouchBistro Online Ordering, Canadian venues see a 14% increase in average transactions, while American venues see a 19% increase in average transactions.

The Impact of Using TouchBistro Loyalty

Like Online Ordering, TouchBistro Loyalty also comes with some big benefits for restaurants.

TouchBistro Loyalty is a customer loyalty solution built just for restaurants that helps you engage, reward, and retain customers. Powered by a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, TouchBistro Loyalty enables you to set up custom loyalty programs that reward customers for visiting your restaurant and encourage them to come back for more.

The ability to drive repeat business is not only great for your brand, but also for your bottom line. Our analysis of TouchBistro POS performance data found that in the first three months of using TouchBistro Loyalty, Canadian venues see a 13% increase in average transactions, while American venues see a 12% increase in average transactions.

The Impact of Using TouchBistro Reservations

Another customer engagement solution with a big impact on a restaurant’s financial health is TouchBistro Reservations. TouchBistro Reservations is a POS-integrated reservations management system and digital waitlist solution that makes it easy to manage online bookings and walk-ins. Rather than relying on a third-party reservation platform with pricey per cover fees, TouchBistro Reservations is fully integrated with your POS so you can accept bookings, manage your waitlist, and collect diner data, all in one place.

In addition to helping restaurants streamline operations, our analysis of POS data from real TouchBistro customers revealed the impact of this solution on a restaurant’s overall financial health. In just the first three months of using TouchBistro Reservations, Canadian venues see a 24% increase in average transactions, while American venues see a whopping 30% increase in average transactions.

But that’s not all. To uncover even more benefits and find out what you can expect when using TouchBistro products in your business, download the full TouchBistro Insights Report today.

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